Volunteer at the Hospital

Marilyn Hebbron

I couldn’t believe my luck when I heard that a wildlife hospital was opening locally. So, whatever other commitments I had I was determined to find time to volunteer.  What a privilege and delight it has been.  Not only have I had the opportunity to work closely with animals glimpsed only rarely in real life or on TV nature programmes, but also the staff have taught me so much. Of course there are sad moments and the cleaning of smelly hedgehog boxes can seem never ending: still this is an essential part of the job.  HART’s aim is to create a centre of excellence and I am proud to be a member of the great team that is making this happen.

Aime Readman

I’m currently studying for a BSc Hons Degree in Animal Management. I came to HART last summer looking for experience with wild animals and knowledge of wildlife conservation. Before then, I knew I wanted to work with animals but wasn’t sure how, where or which animals. I’ve always had a passion for primates so wanted to work in a zoo, but HART opened my eyes and made my passion for rescue and rehabilitation so strong I know intend to spend my life conserving wildlife both here and abroad. Joining the team at HART has been such a rewarding experience and my face will be seen round the hospital for many years to come I’m sure.

Alana Greenland-Jones

Secondary school student

HART is a fascinating place to volunteer and I really enjoy helping out and working with the animals which come in to HART, either sick, injured or too young to fend for themselves. When I help out at HART, I feel like I am making a valid contribution to our native wildlife. I have been volunteering at HART for about 10 months, and still enjoy every minute. The atmosphere at HART is always friendly and upbeat, I think this is an important factor to why I have carried on volunteering at the hospital, that and feeding baby birds! I have also learned a lot about animals and how important it is to take care of Britain’s wildlife.

Charlotte Wilkinson

First year college student and aspiring vet!

HART is a fantastic place to work; there are plenty of interesting animals and always friendly people to talk to about their experiences. Working at HART at the weekends has helped me to understand the differences between domestic and wild animals and has given me a valuable insight into the amount of care an animal needs, as well as an education in the basic medical issues wild animals experience and how best to handle them.

However, the main reason that I volunteer at HART is that it is a very individual place to get work experience and is great fun! I really enjoy working with the hedgehogs as well as the many varieties of birds that I would probably not have seen otherwise. I hope I can continue volunteering for as long as possible and in the future aim to be a fosterer of one of the many hedgehogs as HART is such a fantastic cause!

Thank you!

If you would like more infomation about becoming a volunteer, please contact Keith Outterside at: volunteer@hartwildlife.org.uk for more information and an application form.