There are many different ways that you can help HART, some more mucky than others but all vital!

If you'd like to volunteer at HART, please complete the application form below and return it to volunteer@hartwildlife.org.uk, together with your availability to come in for an Induction Session. These are held most Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at 3.00 pm. Just let us know when you can come in. Use the same email address if  you'd like further information on volunteering with us.

Volunteer Application Form 2018


Animal Carers

Without Volunteer Animal Carers, we wouldn't be able to help the hundreds of animals and birds brought in to us each year. Every day of the year, there are birds and animals that need to be fed, health checked and have their cages cleaned. If you'd like to be one of the 50 odd people who volunteer with us each week, we'd love to meet you. 

You'll need to volunteer regularly, doing a 3-hour shift at least every fortnight - or ideally every week. You'll be involved in all aspects of animal care, looking after a wide variety of animals – from mice to deer - from wrens to herons and most things in between.

As you might expect, working with wild animals can be dirty work. And animals generate a lot cages, hutches and feeding bowls that need to be cleaned and disinfected. Every day!

Find out more on the Volunteer's Stories page.


We are currently looking for someone to co-ordinate our fundraising efforts - being the point of contact to keep everyone up to date and working together. Do you have a few hours free a month, and would like to really make a difference to the future of HART?

We are also looking for people to be involved in regular fundraising. This could be helping with stalls at fetes and shows, or organising your own fundraising event such as a coffee morning or sponsored walk. We are always looking for new fundraising ideas, so please get in touch.

We currently need volunteers to work in our shops in Alton. If you can give a few regular hours, or ideally a day in a week, please get in touch, either at the hospital or call into one of our shops.

Casualty Collections

We need volunteer drivers from all areas who can pick up small casualties from their local area and bring them over to us, as we often get calls from people who have found a casualty but are unable to bring it to us. Unfortunately we do not have enough staff, vehicles or time to collect them all, and so volunteer drivers are an essential part of the service we offer.


We are always looking for people to overwinter lateborn hedgehogs at their home, there will be training given. For more information, please see our fostering page.

Due to insurance stipulations all volunteers must be aged at least 16 years old.

Reception & Admin

During Spring and Summer the hospital is inundated with calls and email enquiries, along with lots of paperwork for the animals admitted.  Our staff would always appreciate help with these duties, freeing up their time to concentrate on giving the best care for the casualties.  


It's important for HART Wildlife Rescue to be transparent with all our staff and volunteers about the way we work. Policies relating to staff and recruitment can be found below:

Safeguarding Policy 2018

Disability Policy 2018

Criminal Records Policy 2018