Meet Dulux, an otherwise perfectly healthy large male hedgehog, who unfortunately wandered into the wrong garden where someone had carelessly left out some gloss paint (we think). Looks like he walked straight into it and then curled up, and by the time he wandered into a friendly garden, it had dried on solid! His belly has been shaved to remove the paint, and he is undergoing daily baths to scrape off the paint. It is very difficult to safely remove from his spines and will take some time. Please remember to keep your gardens safe for wildlife!

What a difference a couple of weeks makes! When “Squidge” was first brought in, he was a just a tiny little bundle – look at him now! What a handsome chap

Meet a very special patient… A juvenile Gannet! He was found on a road near Petersfield- very lost, potentially blown off course on his first venture. He will be transferred to a specialist sea bird centre tomorrow in order to prepare him for release.