September 2015 Admissions & Updates

Red Kite makes a flying visit at HART!
At the start of September we had a very exciting visit from the RSPCA.  They often bring us injured or orphaned wildlife that their collection officers have picked up from concerned members of the public.  This delivery was a little different to usual as it was a magnificent Red Kite- a bird that none of our staff have seen at the hospital before!  We were very glad to find it in good health, after apparently having ‘fallen out of a tree’.  Being such a highly strung bird of prey, it was very stressed in the hospital and after eating and passing a flight test, it was sent back to its home range a couple of days later with the RSPCA all the way to Didcot!

This is one of our 6 baby squirrels having one of its milk feeds. He is just over 3 weeks old and has to be fed every 4 hours with puppy milk called Esbilac. We use this milk formula as the lactose in cow’s milk affects their digestive system. All 6 squirrels are thriving and have settled in well at the hospital. 
Due to them being born later in the year they will probably have to spend the winter in a specialised squirrel aviary. Since there is a lack of available food during winter squirrels spend a lot of time leading up to this collecting and burying food, this is called ‘caching’. If the temperatures get very low then squirrels are less active to conserve energy and only venture out to get their food. Fortunately, here at HART Wildlife we have a squirrel license so this enables us to rehabilitate them and release them when the weather is appropriate.

The last two of this summer's young small garden birds were released - including Simon the sparrow who came in as a bald hatchling! That's the end of the hourly feeds for this year.

Our last ducklings of the year were released last week, three tufted ducks back to the National Trust site where they were found.