October 2019 News

If any of our supporters are local to us, Honey Bee Happy are selling their delicious cut honey comb from Nosh Cafe Bar in Four Marks, Hampshire.
50 pence from every purchase of honey or cut honey comb is being kindly donated to us at HART.

The littlest of the Squirrels currently in our care. Found out alone he is being cared for round the clock by our experienced carers. Not "out of the woods" yet but we are doing all we can to help him.

We are so pleased to see this fella finally go back to the wild! He came into our hospital during June, with a large wound on his forehead, which had scabbed over covering his eyes. It was a long process of treating the wound, trying to get his eyes open which for a long time we weren’t sure if they were still viable or whether he was going to be permanently blind. They kept producing discharge and closing up, but eventually we won the battle. He was a very patient patient! We wish him the best of luck