May 2018 News

You'd be in good company if you go shopping in our charity shop in Alton, Hampshire!

We have had this young male cub in today. He was unfortunately locked away in someones garage for 2 days unnoticed. He will be receiving a lot of fluids to regain strength. He will be around four weeks of age. At this stage for foxes, they begin to moult into the more familiar red coat. They also begin to venture outside but will stay close to the den and mum. 

We are getting our influx of catted garden birds now. If your cat does get a fledgling bird, then please check it over. If it has wounds, then it will need to be seen to. Did you know that the bacteria in a cats mouth can kill a bird within 4 hours of puncturing it.

We are slowly getting our ducklings in. These guys were rescued by the kind staff at Yateley Manor School. They waited around for mum to return and after a day of observing, she unfortunately didn't return. They arrived today and have all jumped into their chick crumb.

It's hedgehog awareness week! Despite being the nations favourite wild animal, sadly they are in decline. However we are also seeing more and more in need of care each year- in 2017 we took in 416 hedgehogs!

Although the British public may enjoy the this scorching sun, hedgehogs do not! If a hedgehog is seen out during the day, then this is a warning sign that the hog needs help. The only exception to this rule is during summer when a large hedgehog is moving quickly with purpose - this is a busy mum trying to find enough food to support her babies! If you find a hedgehog out during the day in need of help, please pick it up and put it in a tall box with an old towel, cat food and water. Please keep it inside, away from flies to prevent deadly fly strike. If flies are around the hog or you see any fly eggs on it then get help as soon as possible and do not provide a hot water bottle as this will speed up the development of maggots.

This guy came into us last night from a local vets. He received puncture wounds on the back of his neck (predator/dog, unknown) He has some nerve damage that can be reversed in his legs. Wish him luck.

We received another fox yesterday and we are lucky that he is near the age of our little girl. The pictures are of their second meet. This went really well. They are focused on knowing their surroundings at the moment but hopefully soon they will start learning key social skills from each other.

We are extremely busy here at the hospital, so if you are calling in, please bare with us on getting back to you. We have had this guy through our doors today. This is a stoat. He is a kitten at the moment. When his eyes open, he will go straight onto solid food as they would be out being taught by mum how to hunt rabbits and birds etc.