May 2015 Admissions & Updates

The month started off having to say goodbye to this beautiful face, as he has been transferred to another rescue which has more space and a friend for him. They will be soft-released later this summer.

Miracle mouse!
This little guy came in this afternoon barely alive. He was found cold on the ground amongst some stones and when he arrived at the hospital he was lying on his side and gasping for air. We warmed him up on admission and 15mins later offered him some rehydration fluid on a paintbrush. A short while after that he was bright eyed, running around and eating. Now he's tucked up in bed.

One of our volunteers kindly collected this young tawny owl from a vets in Farnham. We now have three Tawny Owls with us.

We currently have 4 young Magpies with us.

We have taken in many young birds this month already, here are four Robins.

We are very pleased to announce that the hedgehog with a strimmer injury to her head did in fact give birth to SIX babies! She has been doing a great job as mum and her wound is healing nicely.

We are so pleased, as when hedgehog mums are disturbed they can reject or even eat their babies, so we have been very careful to leave them alone and quiet, whilst monitoring for problems. If you ever find a hedgehog nest, please leave it how you found it and do not touch the babies. You can then ring us or another rescue for further advice.