Staff hello and goodbye


In December our Hospital Manager, Lauren Gender-Sherry went on maternity leave. We have since heard that Lauren gave birth to a healthy baby boy and both mother and baby are doing well. This meant a vacancy at the hospital which we are pleased to advise has been filled by Paul Reynolds. Paul comes to HART with an exciting background working with primates and is relishing the opportunity to get stuck in with our UK native wildlife.

Paul brings with him a wealth of experience and has some exciting ideas for HART in the next few months which we can't wait to start working on.

2020 welcomes in some majestic patients

On 21st December, a Tawny Owl arrived from Lasham in a very poor state, but after a period of time warming up, some much-needed fluid therapy, and a head to claw assessment, staff found that it had suffered a back injury, which required further treatment. After a few days at the hospital and in the outside flight aviary, the owl was able to be released back where it was found.

A young male Common Buzzard was admitted in January after a suspected vehicle collision. After some TLC at HART he was able to be released back where he was found. This young male was a voracious eater and during his time with HART he managed to eat 50 chicks, a roadkill pheasant and pigeon! In the wild they frequently hunt for small rodents but can also take birds, reptiles and amphibians! They have even been known to scavenge carrion and hunt for earthworms.

If you would like to donate to help HART's valuable rescue work with these charismatic animals please head over to the Amazon Wishlist

News from the Hospital

We are delighted to have our new garden lodge building installed which will act as a training area and staff room in the hospital grounds. Space at the hospital is at a premium and understandably our patients needs come first. Staff and volunteers have been making use of a caravan for their down time and training has always been undertaken in the hospital itself.

The new garden lodge means much more space for full training sessions away from the patients, much needed meeting space for visiting sponsors and a welcoming area for staff and volunteers who are on shift.

A huge thank you goes to Chris Fisher who was instrumental in raising the funds for this project; and to the Calor Rural Community Fund and National Lottery Awards For All.  

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