March 2018 News

The recent freezing weather conditions has made life very difficult for many wild animals, and we have seen several unusual species admitted to the hospital that are underweight and struggling- including a fieldfare, lapwing, and a buzzard. Sadly the fieldfare died soon after arrival, but the lapwing and buzzard are settling in well.

Show off! This tawny owl displays his beautiful feathers whilst recovering at our hospital.

This poor swan got himself stuck under a house that used to be a water mill. He didnt have the strength to swim up and against the strong current. The team were called out and managed to get him out, checked over and released somewhere safer.

A female kestrel made its way to the hospital today. She was found grounded in a field too weak to take off for long periods of time. She has come to the right place. We will be able to feed her up! 

The team went out to collect this grounded buzzard from Barfield Schooltoday. He was found laying with the chickens! No obvious injuries, just very thin. Wish him a speedy recovery.

Our first duckling of Spring has arrived! Found knocking on a patio door (probably at his reflection!), he was alone with no mum to be seen in the area.

One very unusual lost duck!! This is a common scoter, a sea bird which is red listed due to the decline in their breeding numbers. He is settling in for a rest and some food, before being transferred to a specialist centre for preparation to release back to the coast.