March 2016 News

If you appreciate our work like these bunnies do, please could you consider donating much needed supplies for us... blue rolls and mop heads are top priority, but lots of other things are also required soon. Thank you all for your continued support- you keep us going!

At the beginning of the month we went out to pick up this little Egret, as it was stranded in a field with a dropped wing. Our vet has confirmed that it has a clean simple break to the wing which should heal well, so it will be with us for over a month.


This female deer was picked up off the road by a very kind lady, who monitored her overnight and rang us on Monday. She had suffered a bad knock to her head, but was able to stand. She was treated for concussion and needed hand feeding as she wasn't eating. However, when we checked her this morning she had started eating, and looked as though she wanted to get going. So happily, we obliged and successfully released her- she strolled off beautifully!

Meet pancake, the Aylesbury duck! She is a domestic breed and was abandoned on a pond near Haslemere, with a swollen ankle. After a few weeks' treatment and regular hydrotherapy baths she has fully recovered, and stolen all of our hearts!

Spring has definitely started here at HART, we took in 3 fox cubs, and already had 2 little bunnies on hand feeds. The three fox cubs were abandoned by their mum after the shed which covered their den was dismantled, and she did not return.

Please be thoughtful of wildlife when gardening as from now on, right the way through summer, many different species will be trying to raise young. This may be under sheds, compost heaps, piles of debris, in trees/ bushes, almost anywhere! If you do find any, please try to leave the babies where you find them, return the site as close back to normal as possible, and then monitor from afar to see if mum returns. Please try not to handle the babies, or wear gloves if you need to, and phone your local wildlife rescue for further advice.