March 2015 Admissions & Updates

This female hedgehog that we admitted in February, with a severe case of Mange is looking much better after just a week of treatment. A combination of regular skin treatments, to loosen the dead skin, mange treatment and antibiotics to prevent infection, has allowed her to open her eyes completely again!

We have taken in our first babies for the year. These lucky pigeons where saved from a demolition site

We released our Barn Owl together with her Finder. We took this beautiful Owl back to her home territory, where she had been found, by a busy road. Upon release she gave us a bit of a scare, by heading back over the busy road, but then flew past us again, once she got her bearings. Here is a video clip of her release.Barn Owl Aviary

She was put into a flight aviary prior to her release, giving her wings a stretch. It is important that birds of prey and Owls, spend time in an aviary after confinement. As it enables them to strengthen their flight muscels ready for release

These two adorable bunnies are roughly only 2 weeks old. They were taken from their home by a dog. Luckily they only have a couple of little scratches.

This wounded Leveret (baby hare) was admitted, being so young and easily stressed, it will require specialist care. Thankfully it took its first milk feed really well. Mummy hares often leave their babies alone and out in the open, so unless the Leveret is injured or in danger, they should be left alone.

An unusual bird currently at the hospital - a Woodcock. Rarely seen in the wild, they are generally nocturnal, hiding in dense foliage during the day. This one was found on a golf course, but luckily is well enough to go for release very soon.