June 2018 News

We have had three more young bunnies in today, all with healthy appetites. 
We have been chosen as Mansfields park surgery in Medstead charity of the month. If we can be yours at work, please select us! Remember you can donate in other ways. Keep an eye out for our updated Amazon wish list

We received this duck from our friends at the RSPCA. She had a bit too much male attention! She has an open wound on her back and most of her back feathers plucked out. Unfortunately, if the ratio of males to females is out of sync on a pond, the female can attract more attention than she can handle. 

Our "What you looking at" crew

This cute little lady was just brought in by the RSPCA, having been taken to a vets. Baby hedgehog season is fully underway now so please be careful when gardening, and if you discover a nest then do not touch the babies and put it back together as best you can. If mum runs off then give her time to return, and call us for further advice. Also if you see any babies out during the day without mum then please pick them up and take inside away from flies, then call a rescue.

This young girl came in to us with severe mange. She has been seen frequently around McDonalds Farnborough. A member of the public was able to catch her on a chance visit to mcdonalds. 
The mange is caused by a mite that burrows under the skin and lays egg, faeces and skin causing the irritation. The constant scratching can lead to infection due to dirt getting into open scratches.

Please remember our spikey friends in this heat. Put out a shallow bowl of water for them. 
Here are some of our babies at the moment enjoying some lactose free kitten milk.