June 2016 News

We're now mid way through our peak season, and we're running low on a few things. If you would like to donate some items from our Amazon wish list to help towards the care of our orphaned and injured wildlife, it would be very much appreciated! Thank you for your continued support.

We took in 4 newborn hoglets which had been abandoned by their mum after their nest was disturbed. Unfortunately the stressed out mum had already had a little go at some of the hoglets leaving them with various injuries, and the finder had been unable to get them any help for a couple of days. They were all severely dehydrated and hypothermic, and one had to be put to sleep immediately due to his injuries sustained. For the past week we have given them the best care and attention they deserve, day and night, and although we sadly lost the battle with the smallest of the three, we are pleased with the progress of the other two. Fingers crossed they will continue to thrive.

Here's just some of the beautiful young animals we are currently caring for...