July 2018 News

This little owl came into us last week. He was found grounded on a site that was soon to be undergoing construction. With no family or nest to be seen, he was brought into us. He was slightly dehydrated. Soon after re hydration, he was tearing into his food. He had a slight fracture on his leg, probably from impact, but after some TLC he will be up and running again.

We have had a lot of nestling swifts in this year. When they have fledged the nest, these swifts will spend their lives in the air. They live off of insects caught in flight, they will drink in flight and sleep on the wing. Some swifts have been known to stay in flight for 10 months. There is no other bird that will spend as much of its life in flight than the swift.

These stoats were found out during the day with their eyes shut. Unfortunately there was a third one but he had passed before coming into us. They were found with fly strike. Fly strike is when a fly lays its eggs on the body of an animal. The eggs will hatch within 24 hours and turn into maggots. When the maggots hatch they begin to eat away at the animal. The eggs with look like an off yellow clump of grains of rice. 
Always please phone us for advice when you find an animal and we can advise you on the best course of action.

This hedgehog sums up how we feel about the weather now!

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