January 2016 News

Last year 1441 animals were admitted to our hospital, of which 451 were hedgehogs. This year will be extra special for us as we are celebrating our 20th anniversary, since being founded in 1996! In that time we have helped a grand total of around 19,000 animals in need, with every single one being worth it!

This is Aladdin, a roe deer that we picked up not far from our hospital. He had been attacked by a dog and is also showing signs of a head trauma. He was very stressed when we picked him up, and unfortunately his finders had naively been stroking him, not realising that the stress of being near people can kill a deer. This phenomenon is called capture myopathy, and is best avoided by covering the eyes/ head of the deer (allowing air to breathe). He has vastly improved from not even holding up his head when we collected him, to being able to stand and jump! We unfortunately don't have the facilities for deer rehabilitation but we cleared out a storage shed to hold him short-term, and we hope he will be ready for release later this week.

A very special and unusual bird of prey has been brought in to us, a Peregrine falcon! It was found locally to us, but has been ringed in Stockholm, Sweden, so it has travelled a long way! Unfortunately it has injuries to the wings indicating a collision, and also a disease called trichomoniasis. Peregrine falcons are the fastest bird in the world, reaching up to 200mph while diving during a hunt!