August 2016

A huge THANK YOU from all of us and the kestrel for your donations towards her treatment! The operation was a success and she is sporting an impressive looking piece of scaffolding holding her bone together whilst it heals. She is already feeling much better, as she has now started feeding herself. If you haven't already donated and would like to, please text HART11 followed by the amount you would like to donate (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5, or £10) eg. HART11£10 and send to 70070. Every pound helps pay our vet bill!
If you would like to donate more than £10, please visit our Justgiving page.

Guess how many?!

This bundle of little mice came in, after their nest was disturbed. Luckily they are just opening their eyes and old enough to start feeding themselves, so they aren't too much trouble!