August 2015 Admissions & Updates

We currently have 66 Hedgehogs in our care and counting. Most of these are juveniles and need extra foods such as Top Life Kitten Milk and Esbilac formula. If you would like to help feed a Hungry Hedgehog please look at our Amazon wishlist.
Thanks from all the Hedgehogs at HART Wildlife Rescue.

The smallest patient currently at HART is this baby sparrow who fell out of his nest and could not be returned.

If you find a baby bird which does not have any injuries and you can reach the nest it has come from, then it can be returned to the nest to allow the parents to continue rearing.

This buzzard went back home this month, after being in hospital for a couple of weeks. It was rescued by the RSPCA (England & Wales) from Tadley, near Reading after being caught in fencing. It had a wound on the edge of a wing which was cleaned and stitched up at a Vet, after which it came to HART for continued treatment and recovery. The RSPCA officer who originally rescued it came back to collect it this morning and took it back to its home territory. A great example of animal organisations working together.

This summer we had one lonely Long Tailed Tit admitted to the hospital; found on the ground with no sign of parents and luckily had no injuries. As it was a fledgling it was fed every hour during the day to replicate what the parents would do in the wild. To keep it from being too lonely during its stay as Long Tailed Tits are naturally very gregarious, it had numerous friends for company: some Goldfinches, some Blue Tits and some Great Tits. It stayed on site for 2 months until big enough to be released back into the wild at one of our volunteers’ allotments in Fareham where other Long Tailed Tits are often seen and flew off well in the direction of other tits. A happy ending for a sad little bird.

This is a Natterers bat which we have been looking after for a couple of weeks. He came in with a small wound to his chest, which has healed well. He's really fiesty and chomps his way through lots of meal worms and wax worms!