April 2018 News

Our first fox cub of this year is the cutest little thing! We picked up 'Bordon' from some bushes by a car park after he had been calling for mum for hours and she had not returned for him. He has an ear infection so she might have abandoned him for this reason but easily treatable here.

Our second abandoned fox cub arrived today, 'Heath'. He is such a tiny little soul, less than a week old so unfortunately too small to be a mate for our other cub.

We have had this young man brought in this morning after being clipped by a car. He has come away slightly unscathed luckily. He has been hydrated and medicated for wounds. Wish him luck.

UPDATE - Our young roe is doing well. He is taking fluids well and his wounds are healing. He should be up and about in no time. 

This little fluffball of a magpie was brought in today. His parents were nowhere in sight and was in imminent danger of being preyed upon by cats. He escaped unharmed thanks to the lovely finder.

Our late arrival batch of Easter bunnies

We have just had these 4 ladies come through the door. They were found outside of their warren by a farmer. Their eyes are still shut. We use non toxic blob of tipex to identify them, in order to keep an eye on their weight and feeding. 

This poor little guy came in today. He has been without his mother for 2 days. He was riddled with fleas( as you can see in the bowls behind him) after a nice bath, re hydrating and anti flea spray, he is feeling better. We shall dub him, flea bite.

Our first tawny owl chick of spring has arrived! These fluffy beauties can occasionally be found at the bottom of trees, having left the nest. As with any wildlife, keeping them in the wild is best so if they are strong enough, they can be moved onto a branch off the ground for safety. If there is any sign of injury or flies around it then it should be taken to a rescue. More information on these situations and what to do can be found here:


A rare grey partridge was brought in this morning after being caught by a cat. Suffering just a couple of wounds, we are hopeful it will be ok with treatment. These game birds were once common but populations have seriously declined, and are now red listed for conservation in the U.K.