April 2015 Admissions & Updates

Old NEws

This little chap fell from his drey, in the recent strong winds. Sadly his sibling was already dead when found.

He had a nasty cut and break to his tail but he is recovering really well.

The first duckling of the year is in. Found wandering alone in the streets of Winchester. A BIG Thank you to the finder who took a taxi to bring it to us!

It did not take long and our first duckling had a friend. This second one is slightly bigger, but they seem to both prefer the one in the mirror

Many baby birds have been arriving at the hospital. To the left are 2 Blackbirds and a Robin. Despite them looking unimpressed, they are all feeding well.

This young Tawny Owl, we suspect was hit by a car, as the eyes are cloudy. Which suggests head trauma. Despite this birds rough start, it is still managing to click its beak at us when we enter the room. Tawny Owl often click their beaks as a clear warning to other Owls and also potential predators. We are taking this behaviour as a good sign that he/ she is not ready to give up just yet. We are hopeful that with further treatment that the eyes will improve.

If you would like to helps us care for this young Owl and other sick, injured and orphaned birds of prey, please use this link to donate:

We received our first cub of the year! He was found curled up under a car, covered in fleas. We soon had to say good bye to this little cub, he is being transferred to another rescue with more space and a friend for him. They will both be soft released later this summer.