Make a Gift in Your Will

None of us likes to think about what happens after we go, but leaving a  gift in your will can be the most meaningful, lasting donation you ever give to your favourite charity. In recent years, over £3billion per year has been left to UK charities through gifts in wills. This income is of vital importance to the work of small and large charities across the country. Additionally, any gift you leave to a charity is exempt from inheritance tax and capital gains tax, meaning it helps to reduce the tax burden for your executors.

Giving a gift in your will

Once you have taken care of your loved ones in your will, please consider leaving a gift to HART Wildlife Rescue, to enable us to continue the vital work of rescuing, treating and rehabilitating our native wildlife. Now, in the face of climate change and increasing man-made pressures on habitats, your wildlife needs you more than ever before. Over the past 25 years, gifts from wills have played a vital part in HART’s survival and growth.

You may specify either a fixed amount (a ‘pecuniary legacy’) or a percentage of their estate (‘a residuary legacy’); there are also ways to leave tangible gifts such as property, to a charity. You can specify a particular area of use for your gift, although HART would ask you to consider giving a gift to the charity for it to use for greatest need. Do bear in mind that a specific amount may not be worth as much at the time of giving as it was when written into the will, due to inflation.

You can consult a Solicitor if you intend to make or change a will, or you can buy ‘make a will’ kits to write your own. Please note that HART Wildlife Rescue is unable to give legal advice; if you are unsure, please consult a solicitor.  If you already have a will and would like to add in a gift to HART Wildlife Rescue you can add a short section called a Codicil.

HART Wildlife Rescue is located at  Unit 9, Lower Soldridge Business Park, Soldridge Road, Medstead, Hampshire, GU34 5JF,  registered charity number 1066760. Our full name as registered with the Charity Commission is Hampshire Animal Rescue Team.

Dedicate a gift to the memory of a loved one

Long after flowers would have faded, donations made in memory of a loved one live on.

If you would like to give in memory of a friend or relative, you can make the arrangements through a funeral director, or send any donations, along with the name of the person in whose memory the donations are collected, to: HART Wildlife Rescue of Unit 9, Lower Soldridge Business Park, Soldridge Road, Medstead, Hampshire, GU34 5Jf. We will reply with thanks for your kind support, unless otherwise requested.

If you would prefer donations to floral tributes, it is a good idea to let your relatives and executors know of your wishes, or to include it in the details about your funeral.
For a donation of £50 or more, HART can erect an engraved memorial plaque at the hospital in memory of your loved one.

In memory donations can also be collected simply through