Fundraising Campaigns

HART's Lockdown#2 Appeal 

With a new lockdown pending HART's Charity shop is forced to close yet again, but the hospital must stay open to take care of our existing patients (we have over 100 onsite) plus all of the new patients in need of rescue. We worked through the lockdown and managed to keep going thanks to all of our supporters.

You might think November is a quieter month at HART... but the hundreds of hedgehogs, birds and other patients needing rehabilitation is still high - and with our warmer, wetter winters, it's getting higher and higher every year.

Another national lockdown has once again closed HART's Alton charity shop: a key part of our income. Up to £6,000 per month can be raised by the shop, which goes directly towards treating the wildlife casualties.

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. We didn't envisage having to ask again so soon after the last lockdown, but whatever you can give, or donate via HART's Amazon Wishlist, will provide a lifeline for wildlife in crisis. Around 300 new patients are expected to be admitted over the next month alone.

As the UK locks down, please don't give up on wildlife: Help HART to raise £6,000