There are always a number of current campaigns and petitions aiming to protect our wildlife at any one time. This page lists any that are particularly relevant or urgent, so our supporters can find out more about the campaigns and how to support our wildlife further.

The Government are proposing to scrap a number of wildlife protection laws with the aim of cutting "red tape", but this might leave our wildlife and countryside far more vulnerable. Click on the 38 Degrees logo for more information and to sign a petition against this.

Hunting wild animals with dogs for sport was banned in 2004. But the process to make it legal again has begun. MPs have been asked to vote and determined pro hunting groups are doing all they can to bring back blood sports. Please visit the League against Cruel Sports to get involved in their campaign.

Bee numbers in Britain have fallen dramatically in recent years and they need our help to survive. Please join Friends of the Earth Bee Cause and help save our bees.

Many people do not realise that it is perfectly legal to keep primates as pets in the UK. A bill is currently before Parliament to change this and end the UK trade in primates as pets. The Monkey Sanctuary (part of Wild Futures) have a campaign running to get this bill tpassed as legislation. Please click here to sign their petition and learn more.