Fundraising Campaigns

Feed a Hog


Throughout the year, hedgehogs are one of the most common animals we get in, often getting injured by garden strimmers, cars or curious cats. Hedgehogs are also particularly susceptible to parasites, and many of your patients come to us with ringworm, fluke and mange to name just a few!

The UK population of hedgehogs has fallen dramatically by 37% in the last 7 years alone, and if this continues they could become extinct by 2020. This means getting every one of these hogs back to the wild it particulary important. Help us do this and click here to donate £2.00 to feed a hedgehog for a whole week!



Rough Runner 2017

We are so proud and grateful for our team of Rough runners! Not only did they all successfully make it through the whole 10K course in under 3 hours, they raised a grand total of £835!! They even had some giant pigeons to contend with, but luckily our wildlife-savvy team knew how to deal with those!

You can still sponsor the team here:

Hospital Upgrades Crowdfunder

We are in the process of updating accommodations and equipment here at the hospital. This is a lengthy and costly process. As our supporters know, we rely solely on public donations. If you could help us out by donating to the cause or even just by sharing the page so more people can see it, we would be very grateful.